Art Exhibition : "Orientation - the cognitive part" 6-11th Sept 2016

"The human condition is presented in its fundamental form and manifestation."

Stirrup Gallery : 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville Addison Road Community Centre

Sept 6-11th : Tue-Fri 10am-8:30pm, Sat&Sun 9am-8:30pm

Opening Night : Thursday 8th Sept 6:30pm Tea and small gift bag will be available !

Presentations : (45 min) include a meditative journey into the very "make-up of our reality".

Our reality is created by our whole being and projected through the Central Nervous System (brain and spine). We are displaced from our whole in being projected. Further, we are normally isolated from our whole being as we identify, within our projected reality, in our self and with what we experience.

I depict and represent how we exist, as a part of a whole being of reality rather than in isolated experiences by which the self regards the world and others. I hope to draw the viewer toward a sense of their own part, which implies their whole.

There's a whole being of reality who is missing from our reality.

Yet, we are a part of our whole, projected through

the Central Nervous System.

We can approach our being a part, and thereby insist on our whole.

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