Takashi Tachibana was born on 12th June, 1958, in Japan. He has spent most of his life in Australia, where he has studied and worked as a medical doctor. He now endeavours to present his lifetime's work and understanding through art and other presentations.


Tachibana is self-taught and his art works reflect the traditional style and approach of his Asian origin. The images, however, are entirely from the practice of "Orientation", which he has developed.

“The various components of our reality occupy space in their fundamental existence, as parts of a whole being. Though normally unseen, the 'actuality' of our make-up may be recognised. I depict and 'label' these aspects of our reality, to introduce what I understand of our relation with our whole”, says Tachibana.

He uses Sumi-e ink with brushes from Japan and China, and various rice papers including Xuan, Washi, bark or Mulberry, watercolour papers, and on occasion, canvas.